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Skater's Horizon


Showcasing The Artwork of

Local High School Students

We believe in nurturing the talents of the next generation of artists. Through our high school art contest, we encourage young minds to express themselves through art and empower them to dream big with God!

The 2023 Catholic Art Festival showcased the artwork of local high school students. The young artists produced several impressive pieces!


A panel of seasoned judges chose two pieces for best-in-show awards, and festival attendees voted on a separate piece for the fan-favorite award.

Panel Selection #1:

        Marian drawing by Christopher Daub

Marian Drawing - Christopher Daub.jpeg

Panel Selection #2:

        Dollhouse by Olivia Pereria

Dollhouse - Olivia Pereira.jpg

Audience Selection:

    Phoenix stained glass by JP Nadreau

Phoenix Stained Glass - JP Nadreau.jpg
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