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The musicians AND Groups performing at THE catholic art festival

Riley Hirshey 1_edited.jpg
Riley Hirshey


Riley Hirshey is a singer/songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri. His sound is wide-ranging, from yearning singer/songwriter to mainstream pop to emo. Hirshey has made his music truly genre-less.


So far in 2023, he's been diving headlong into his emo roots with his singles "Cigarettes in the Park" and "Coming Home." Emo is the flavor of 2023 so far, but he will continue to explore new musical territory.

Check out his website for more information.


Spero is a team of three versatile multi-instrumentalists, blending together folk, art rock, and alternative music styles to create a sound uninhibited by convention or expectation. We sing songs of hope, joy, and transcendence to battle against the cynicism of our time.

Theology of Dance St. Louis

Theology of Dance springs from two things, a devotion to Theology of the Body, and a love of dance. Our goal is to use dance as a means to promote the dignity of the human person, and greater devotion to Theology of the Body. As well as give everyone the freedom to express themselves through dance. And of course, have fun doing so!


Kyle Herrington of Theology of Dance will lead a session at the Catholic Art Festival. Kyle performs Irish Dance competitively. He will either do a lead Irish Dancing lesson or give a performance.

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